The Return of SPASSKY! (Nov 2010) £3.50

Yes he's back! World Stare-out Champion Sigmund Spassky reappears at last in The Return of SPASSKY! and this time I promise that practically every cartoon panel is different! The long awaited (by whom?) follow up to The World Stare-out Championship Final sees creator Paul Hatcher getting out his pens and pencils for the first time in over 10 years, but can he come up with the goods and match the success of the original Stare-out? Find out for just £3.50 (incl p & p) in this 44 page comic book comeback!

"These are the things that dreams are made of"

The World Stare-out Championship Final (1996) £11.50

The one that captured the public's imagination and it all started here in this bag of Stare-out wonderment. Contains a comic of the final, a set of postcards of the players, a poster of the path to the championship final, your own cut out and keep stare-master masks of the two finalists and even more goodies. Only a few copies left of this limited edition self-published satire of all your favourite sporting clichés, so hurry whilst stocks last!

"This is inspired" Caroline Harris in The Observer June 1996

Signed Sigmund Spassky photo £2

Freak out your friends and family by framing this classic black and white photo of the great man and putting it on your mantelpiece. Comes signed by the champion's own hand. You heard right, signed! Get it here

"You've been out-stared!"

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