Monday, 30 September 2013

Unda's Spassky and Kampagnola biscuits!

Unda Vebicka was a Latvian lodger that stayed at The House of Hatch from March 2011 to until February 2012. She came to the UK to work here and improve her English. Her background was in architecture and she was a very talented and creative person. I showed her copies of my Oddsock comics and gave her a copy of original Stare-out bag of fun and she kindly baked a couple of biscuits of the two finalists which I foolishly kept to one side thinking they were too good to consume. Unfortunately, when I took the photo below of her baking mastery the biscuits were on the turn which was a real shame as they looked far better fresh from the oven.

Bite size portions of Kampagnola v Spassky

Unda also did an excellent portrait of me. I did a couple of pictures of her. We went out drawing a few times together and she showed me how it's done on each occasion.

Portrait of Paul in pencil by Unda Verbicka 2011

Unda is now back in Latvia working as an architect but she still does lots of excellent drawings and you can see them here click on 'Illustrations' on the right hand side of her website for the full show of freaks and geeks. Whilst staying at my place she made a wonderful lampshade for her room out of grey packing paper and it still on view today.

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